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In today's data-driven world, GIS stands as the compass guiding businesses, governments, and individuals to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and address complex challenges through the lens of location and geography.
Welcome to our course on "Business Analytics and Thematic Mapping Using GIS Tools And Techniques." In today's interconnected world, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have emerged as a transformative force with global implications. In today's data-driven landscape, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) play a pivotal role in enhancing business intelligence, and this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills to harness this technology effectively.
Our course will give you a comprehensive understanding of GIS and how it is used in business analytics and thematic mapping. You will learn the basics of GIS terminology and concepts, as well as how GIS is used in the real world and by businesses around the globe. You will also learn about geospatial insights and thematic mapping, and how to visualize complex data visually. In addition, the course will teach you how to install and use QGIS, a leading GIS software, and its essential plugins. You will also gain hands-on experience with QGIS tools and functions so that you can confidently apply GIS techniques in real-world scenarios. In short, this course will give you everything you need to start using GIS to solve real-world business problems.
  1. The modules of the course material have been designed in a way to give a detailed perspective on the GIS’s tools, techniques and practical knowledge.
  2. The assessment and evaluation of the candidates will be done based on multiple-choice questions, descriptive-type questions, and project work.
  3. Each module will have a minimum of 30 model objective (MCQ type) questions and 5 descriptive questions
  4. There will be project work also to give practical exposure to the candidates
Upon completion of our course, you'll master GIS, data analysis, and thematic mapping - empowering you to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge in various industries. These skills open doors to lucrative consulting opportunities, entrepreneurial ventures, career advancement, and remote work options, enabling you to potentially earn money by offering GIS expertise to a wide range of clients and employers. You'll not only acquire valuable skills and knowledge but also gain the potential to monetize those skills, either through traditional employment or entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Graduate in any discipline
  • Candidates appearing in the final year of their graduation
• Total Hours : 120 hours in 3 Months • Days: Monday to Friday • Class Timings: 06 pm - 08 pm (2 hours)
  • The evaluation and assessment of the candidates will be done through periodic tests – the multiple choice (MCQ) questions, descriptive questions, and project work. There will also be special projects/seminars conducted from time to time as deemed necessary.
Actual Course Fee
The total course fee is INR 38000.00 (rupees thirty-eight thousand only)
[Inclusive of 18% GST]

Inaugural Offer 
Course fee: INR 33000.00 (rupees thirty three thousand only)
[Inclusive of 18% GST]

Additional Discount
To avail of additional discount on group enrolment please write to us at support@indiastatedu.com

NOTE: The entire course fee is to be paid in advance only
  1. After the successful completion of the course, the eligible candidates will be provided the course certificate (sample here)
  2. The name of the certificate will be the same as mentioned in the My Account section
  3. Please note that this course is not affiliated with any university

Sample Certificate
S.N. Item (scanned documents) Size Format 
1 Passport size photograph <25KB JPG/PNG
2 10th class certificate/marks-sheet <75KB JPG/PNG/PDF
3 Highest qualification certificate/mark-sheet (graduation or above) <75KB JPG/PNG/PDF
4 Signature (7 cm x 2 cm) w x h <25KB JPG/PNG
5 Aadhar card <50KB JPG/PNG

1. The Aadhar is mandatory while other documents are optional 
2. The scanned documents should be properly legible

  • Every year the course will be initiated four times, and the candidates can take admission to the session of their choice. Following is the schedule
Session starting Session -1
Jan 2024
Session -2
April 2024
Session -3
July 2024
Session -4
Oct 2024
Seats Available  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Deadline for applying 5 days prior to the session starting
Batch Size
Minimum Enrolments: 10 candidates
Maximum Enrolments: 30 candidates
Course Coordinator
Pawan Kumar
Mail : support@indiastatedu.com
Mobile : +91 9310789398
Course Director
Dr. Shafeeq ur Rehman
Dr. Iyappan Lakshmanan
Dr. Iyappan Lakshmanan is a highly experienced GIS Business Development Manager and Director Geospatial with over two decades of expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), sales, and marketing. His main goal is to boost business growth by acquiring new clients and retaining existing ones. Dr. Lakshmanan is proficient in various aspects of geospatial technology, including GPS Surveying, CAD, Photogrammetry surveying, LiDAR processing, GPR surveying, GIS analysis, cartography, SQL, webGIS, and Drone. He possesses exceptional communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills and has a strong track record of achieving sales targets. He is well-versed in multiple GIS software programs and holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Remote Sensing and GIS. His responsibilities encompass sales strategy development, identifying new opportunities, client relationship management, market analysis, and budget management, making him a valuable asset in the GIS industry.
  1. After the fee is paid by the candidates, Indiastatedu will take 2 working days to revert with the payment confirmation through mail
  2. The email ID provided by the candidate will be made the username, and a password will be generated by Indiastatedu and mailed. This password will have to be changed by the candidate before starting the course, for security reasons.
  3. In any case, the username cannot be changed in the future therefore we request the candidates to ensure that they give the email IDs that they access frequently.
  4. The material provided in the course is the copyrighted property of Indiastatedu and isn’t allowed to be circulated and shared with anyone.
  5. The course has been designed by qualified academicians and professionals, and due diligence has been exercised, however, there could be some unintended slips/omissions in the content.
  6. The assessment and evaluation of the course creator will be final and abiding and no clarification will be provided in that regard to anyone.
  7. The course is being provided by Indiastatedu and isn’t affiliated with any university as of now.
  8. All candidates enrolling in any course will have to abide by the rules, regulations, and policies laid down by Indiastatedu.

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